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Are You Ready?

To Be Yourself

It takes a lot to figure out who you are. Let your adventure continue! You’re in charge of how you feel so create a life that makes you feel ready to be you on the inside and out, helping you do that is our job. Get a feel for your wardrobe and start connecting with your style. The sessions are all about you. Our stylists are just here to walk you through it. This is a no judgment zone, you can’t judge yourself and we certainly won’t judge you. We let you decide what you like and what you will wear, all we are there to do is make sure you look good in it. We are just a professional set of eyes providing advice to let you look better then yesterday.

Because creating your personal look is a tough job. Therefore, we recommend:

For Your Promotion

Whether you are going after that big job or already have it, it is a big deal. Congratulations on moving up! You are a leader and more important to your work place every day so act like it. Ever wonder why leaders like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing? It’s because they don’t want to get decision fatigue. Now you are growing and can’t be bogged down with so many small decisions every morning, but who wants to wear the same thing? Let’s create an easy to wear wardrobe that accounts for how you need to feel on the inside to be ready to do your best work on the outside. Your clothing can do all that.

It takes a bit of work, thinking and changing to get your wardrobe to match your insides. Let’s project on the outside what you need to feel on the inside. Therefore we recommend:

For Your Entrance Into The Workforce

No matter if you are new to the workforce or returning after some time, it’s a big deal. First and foremost, congratulate yourself on getting a job!. “Dress for success” and “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” are all sayings for a reason. What you wear on the outside is not only how others view you, but also effects how you feel on the inside. When getting ready for the day is easy, fast and maybe even a little fun it lets you conquer your day. Matching your clothing with your personality, charisma and job requirements provides you even more tools to do your best and become an indispensable resource to your company.

Because you are new or just re-entering the workforce, we bet that you do not have the proper core pieces. More importantly you don’t know how you feel in your clothing and what each outfit projects which is why we recommend:

For School

Going to school is a huge accomplishment. We applaud your quest for knowledge! Although it can be hard to find the right fit of casual, but studios, comfortable, but stylist. Let’s find the right fit, the right feel and the right look for you. Be ready for what your teachers are going to throw at you. Let’s match the student in you with the outfits on you.

Because school is time consuming and you have more important things to do than pick out clothing, we recommend:

  • Take Back Your Wardrobe!
  • We will have you take back your closet so you can take back your day. With all that extra time in the morning, maybe you will even bring up your grades.
To Minimalize Your Environmental Impact

The environment affects us all. Thank you for caring about it with us! We all know that being ready for what’s next and caring for the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our model is inherently environmentally friendly and we did it that way on purpose. Because being green isn’t about having less, it’s about doing things differently. Our stylists make sure you look good by swapping out your items that no longer work for you with new-to-you items that were not working for someone else and TADA! everyone looks and feels amazing, including the earth. We take any brand in any condition. We will take all brands from Wal Mart to Betsy Johnson, from H & M to Hermes. We will also take your new with tags item to your much loved items to your I can’t believe this hasn’t fallen apart yet. Anything we can’t use for other clients gets sold to be used for carpets, new coats and more. No trash.

Because you care about the environment and how you look and feel we suggest that you use SwapIt as your primary shopping source. Therefore we recommend:

  • A year’s worth of sessions – Please contact us for details and discounts.
  • Get a new-to-you wardrobe for each season without hurting your budget or the environment and that makes you feel good and ready for whatever comes your way.
To Be A Fashion Icon

Each one of your fabulous pieces needs to pair with at least one thing in your closet. Clothing is meant to be worn! We help you do that. You love clothing and shopping and getting dressed up, but you never feel full on confident about your outfits, its time to get professional help from our style team. We are built for want to be fashionistas, people who are always working on, updating or changing their style, people who don’t have time to spend days shopping for that one perfect outfit and for people who want to get value from their wardrobe in order to replace and restock their closet. In working with us you never have to wear the same thing twice, your outfits are original and unique, you never have to harass your friends about borrowing their stuff because you already have access to a closet bigger than the one a vogue.

We are professional stylists that will work with you on creating and updating your look every season. We are here to make you feel good inside and out and ready for anything. To keep up your fashion icon status we recommend:

  • A year’s worth of sessions – Please contact us for details and discounts.
  • Use our professional stylists just for you. Bounce ideas, gain ideas and personal style. Do not get to busy fashioning a wardrobe that you forget to have a life.
For Whatever It Is You Want To Do

Your next step is ready and waiting for you to grab it. You can do it girl! And your wardrobe is here to help. Matching you wardrobe to your persona and goals will allow you to go further and make the steps you need to be who you want to be. We know you have clothing that you don’t wear anymore and maybe it’s still hanging in your closet or maybe you already weeded it out and its in a bag on the floor, but it shouldn’t be either of those places. It should be pulling its weight and bringing in value back to your wardrobe. We know that giving up your clothing can be difficult, emotional, like a game show that you feel you lost or maddening because you spent so much for the clothing and are getting so little back in return or just plain inconvenient. Its time for a change in your life and also in your wardrobe, no more feeling ripped off, no more inconvenience, no more losing value on your stuff and no more worrying that you will need the clothing again in the future.

We walk you through a process that allows you to figure out what your clothing needs to do for you, what it needs to help you feel and project to the world. Therefore we recommend:

To Give The Perfect Gift

You love the women in your life. Now get them something they will love!  An in home SwapIt style session. It includes everything any woman wants:

  • New Outfits
  • New-to-you clothing
  • Closet clean out
  • Six months of style text support
  • Readiness to conquer their day!

Every woman would love the opportunity to have a personal stylist to help her create a look that works for her specific personally and lifestyle. Not only will your women love the gift, but so will you. Who doesn’t love walking arm in arm with a well-dressed lady.

Not sure which session to buy? We suggest Take Back Your Wardrobe because it is a great mix of a closet clean out and outfit creation.

Check yes that this is a gift on the checkout page and you will be e-mailed a print ready gift certificate within 24 hours.

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