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Can I share a personal story?

My closet was crammed with clothes I never wore. Once in a while, I would try them on to see if, maybe, this would be the day they fit. They ended up on the floor every time. I would finally throw on the outfit of least resistance and run out the door. I didn’t feel empowered. I felt stressed out.

We deserve more than that!

We deserve outfits that make us feel stronger, smarter, more capable, more beautiful. Every single day. That’s why SwapIt exists.

You don’t need a $5,000 shopping spree to make that happen. It’s our job to give you everything you need to make the most out of what you already have.

Our goal is for you to feel ready for anything, perfectly at-ease, and always appropriate, no matter the occasion. Without spending more money on more clothes.

Because honey, we have to tell you something: You have amazing clothes already…You do!  They’re just buried under all of the other clothes – the ones that don’t fit right, don’t look right, and don’t serve you anymore.

So let me ask you something: What would you like to accomplish by improving your wardrobe?

Some of our clients just need a closet clean-out – it’s why we created the Conquer Your Closet session.

But many of our clients need more. They need to feel professional and pulled together at work. They need outfits that can take them from home, to work, to book club, to date night (without a midday wardrobe change). They need to feel sexy and at their best. They need to save time, because they have a million-and-one things to do, and sorting through their clothes doesn’t even make the list.

You need a personal stylist – for your closet. This is what we do.

By combining our closet-conquering systems with style advice from a professional stylist, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of what you already have.

Style Sessions include: · A professional stylist AND organizer in your home, at your convenience · A personalized SwapIt style tip sheet for identifying flattering styles · One month of free stylist text support · Alteration pinning by stylist · New-to-you items that you can swap for pieces from your wardrobe (no extra fee!).



So tell me, are you ready? Book Now

Mel – mom & business owner: This service is INVALUABLE and worth every penny. Swap It came right to my home, armed with stylists, wardrobe essentials, trendsetting know-how, and a super fun approach to updating my personal look and style. I filled out a quick survey beforehand, detailing my clothing preferences and dressing habits. Once Stefanie and her crew arrived, they had hand-picked pieces that fit my lifestyle, throwing in a few choice pieces to get me to try new looks. Sara, master stylist, paired my own clothing with new items, adding in accessories like my scarves, earrings and shoes, to create gorgeous and easy-to-wear outfits for my everyday. They also went through my wardrobe without any judgment, helping me commit to what I really like to wear and toss those items that no longer interested or suited my tastes. In the end I wound up with over 20 outfits in a “look book” album that completely takes the guesswork out of my morning routine. And as a mom and a business owner, that’s amazing.

Rachel – wife & entrepreneur: I’ve been fighting with my wardrobe for decades. I’ve always wanted to show off this cool effortless look, but instead, I just run to Banana Republic or Ann Taylor Loft for the safeties. What’s been in my closet are tons of safe clothes that are pretty devoid of personality. This is decidedly NOT cool. Then Stefanie and her stylist Sara popped into my life. They went through my closet and my dresser without judgment. They asked me pointed questions about how I felt about my wardrobe and what I wanted from it. I didn’t know I felt sad about it until they actually asked that question. After going through everything, I learned a ton about my own style, my wardrobe and what’s okay to go together. What’s so amazing about this is that I feel excited now instead of dread when I look at my closet. 

And this was just part one. Dress for your Journey is where they come back after having reviewed what you’ve got, what your desired style is and what’s missing, based on clothes given away from others discards. How perfect is that! They came back with fun pieces. This is what was missing! I now have clothes that are fun and reflect who I am on the inside and want to project on the outside. And they look good, not ridiculous, which is what I was sure I would look like with anything fun!

I can’t recommend these lovely, non-judgy, super nice people enough. And also, Sara is a magical unicorn wizard. She will put clothes together that you would never think would work and BOOM they totally do. She will make you so happy!

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