People are LOOKING at you. All day long.

Our goal is for you to feel ready for anything, perfectly at-ease, and always appropriate, no matter the occasion.   

Because we’ve been there and we know the time and energy wasted and the frustration gained. We don’t need to live like that! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t having some concerns about your style. If you didn’t realize that your clothing is holding you back. How is that gray sweater that you don’t really like, but wear because you need something to wear going to help you be a better you? It won’t. It just won’t.

You have worn outfits you love and know how that makes a difference in your feelings and your actions. Imagine what you will gain by having a wardrobe that makes you feel stronger, smarter, more capable, and more beautiful. Every single day.

You need a personal stylist – for your closet. This is what we do.This is what we do.

By combining our closet-conquering systems with style advice from a professional stylist, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of what you already have.

And we’ll be there to make the process fun, efficient, and dare we say… inspiring.


Serving the Greater Boston Area

Not sure if that’s you?
Feel free to contact us and ask. 

Environmentally Friendly

Woman Owned & Operated

Always included

calendar-iconIn home appointment
on your schedule, like after work and Sundays

workbookSwapIt workbook to steer your style journey

pin-iconAlteration pinning by stylist, just drop at tailors.
No need to be there when the actual tailor is

clothes-folded-iconPieces that no longer work for you
removed from your home, if you would like


A month of free style text support, not sure
how you would use it? Find out here

Swap-Party-Iconswap party for your friends and family.
Wow, but what’s that?

LookbookYour very own Lookbook! See our founders, so
you understand what value it adds

Swapit-StylistProfessional Swapit Stylist





100% Closet Clean Out
4 hours | $225

Sort through every piece of clothing you own and decide what is wearable, tailorable, or tossable. It’s all about having the right pieces. This is for you if your closet is overflowing, you can’t decide what you like, or you need some moral support in letting go…

(This session does not include outfit creation) 


50% Closet Clean Out
50% Outfit Creation
3 hours / $240

With the help of our Handbook, you’ll first make two piles – what you like, and what you’re not sure about. Then we’ll come and have you try pieces on, which we’ll evaluate as “keep,” “tailor,” or “swap it.” Our stylist will also bring new-to-you items to create even more outfits, or fill in holes in your wardrobe. 

We’ll bring clothing other people have “swapped” to your home. Everything we bring is new to you and comes from someone else going through the same process. We have a wide variety of sizes, all in excellent condition, and have brands ranging from Betsy Johnson to Forever 21. The pieces we bring to your home are hand-picked by our stylist in response to a detailed questionnaire you fill out. That way, we can match what we bring to your personality and lifestyle.

We have one rule: You let go of a piece of clothing, you get to choose a new-to-you piece! That 1-to-1 ratio keeps your closet in balance.

This session ends with creating and photographing outfits for your own, personal Lookbook, so you’ll remember exactly what we did and be able to re-create each look! This is for you if you’ve got a few questions about your wardrobe, and are comfortable doing a little legwork before we show up. 

(This session is not a complete wardrobe overhaul)


Complete Wardrobe Overhaul
Closet Cleanout + Outfit Creation

4 hours / $360

We’ll help you sort through every piece of clothing you own and decide what is wearable, tailorable, or tossable. As we go, we’ll also create outfits, take photos for your own personal Lookbook, and bring in items from our collection to fill in any style gaps we uncover. It’s full service and so much fun!

This is for you if you want moral support and style support at every stage of your closet conquering journey. 

THAT’S THE BEFORE. Here’s the AFter

After our session, you’ll have:

  • Fully coordinated outfits (not just a random selection of pieces you can’t figure out how to put together!).
  • Clothing you will actually wear and love – because you know how to wear it.
  • So much more time – and so much less frustration – with a closet that is stocked and organized just for you.
  • A free (and fun) Swap-It party with your friends! We’re volunteering our services as co-hosts and style experts. Just invite your closest gal pals and we’ll do the rest. If you don’t have the time to take us up on this, we understand, but really – it’s a great time. (And no, it’s not like a Tupperware party – we’re not trying to push our spiel, because we wouldn’t want to go to a party like that either).



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